About Evoke

History & Founders

Evoke is the result of two innovators educated and experienced in biomedical engineering working together to form a company that prioritizes patient care above all else. Evoke understands the importance of giving providers accurate data, operational assistance, and the expert analysis needed to optimize your practice and enhance patient care through remote patient monitoring.

Demonstrating a successful record of clinical accuracy since 2017, Evoke’s staff includes more than 60 highly skilled clinicians, with more on call if needed. As the industry’s preferred choice for remote monitoring, Evoke offers a full solution to meet your clinic’s needs.


Years combined medical device experience


Years combined programming/coding experience


Clients who have
increased Revenue


South Florida Electrophysiologist

By partnering with Evoke on our remotes, we have become significantly more organized, are making significantly more money, and our patients and office staff are now happier.

Evoke Physician Customer

I’ve been a high producing EP for a long time, I thought I was at peak RVUs. Evoke helped me and the practice expand our efficiencies and revenue pull-through by over 20%.

Brian D. 86-year-old pacemaker patient

The people at Evoke helped me through a tough time. They were there to answer all of my questions, explain what was happening, and make me feel at ease. I feel more comfortable knowing they are there to help me.

Electrophysiologist at HCA’s Denver Heart

All of the cardiologists at Denver Heart are very happy with Evoke’s service. We know that our patients are receiving the best quality service, and it enables us to maximize our remote revenue and improve our office throughput due to optimized remote transmission care and scheduling.

Evoke Physician Customer

I read nearly 100 remotes in less than 20 minutes. That never could have happened without Evoke.