Clinic FAQs

A: There is no upfront cost when you enroll in Evoke software and service. And there is no charge to customize the platform if needed at a later date.

A: Start with a no cost/no obligation trial. Evoke Medical Care can run parallel to your current workflow and determine if your practice would benefit from our team of experts. Literally every client we’ve worked with has seen a dramatic increase in revenue pull through and scheduling optimization. But if that’s not the case for your clinic, no problem, you can cancel the pilot project.

A: Unequivocally. Protecting PHI is top priority for Evoke. Our servers are HIPAA certified and each of our clinicians is trained and experienced in protecting your patients’ and clinic’s private data.

A: Yes. Absolutely. In fact, bidirectional EHR integration is Evoke’s specialty and how your clinic can enjoy the fullest benefit from an Evoke partnership. We’ll work with IT and InfoSec to ensure a safe and smooth exchange of information that ultimately allows your providers to see full technical analysis with clinic employees’ ongoing encounter comments, scheduling comments and care recommendations.

A: Yes. Evoke can help you manage all types of ICDs, Pacemakers, Loop Recorders, and external RPM Equipment, regardless of manufacturer.

A: Yes—with tiered service offerings. Evoke can customize your clinic’s level of coverage and support.

A: Definitely. Evoke’s flexible and customizable software and service model ensure that you pay for only what you’d like. If your clinic has a device management platform in place and you need help managing the massive inflow of reports, schedule a demo with Evoke today.

Patient FAQs

A: Your implanted cardiac device uses Bluetooth or radio frequency telemetry to communicate with the clinic via the bedside monitor you have (or will receive). For RPM, Bluetooth or cellular is used.

A: Never. Your doctor’s office (and Evoke) can only read and analyze the data being sent.

A: Yes. This is one of the most powerful benefits of remote monitoring: peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that if anything needs attention, your device will send the information to Evoke and your clinic will be notified promptly.

A: Yes! Evoke can help with the setup and scheduling of routine checks. We can also answer any questions you may have along the way.